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The technical possibilities available in turning SAP-centric informa­tion systems into highly efficient platforms that offer both in-house and field employees a first-rate user experience have never been as flexible, efficient and secure as they are today. At Innflow, our team’s combined expertise covers all the potential applications of SAP technology.

From the components that traditionally govern data and process integration in the ERP back end to web integration and configuration and mobile solutions for on- and offline scenarios:  We can assist you in planning, designing, developing and implementing the sys­tems you need while factoring in the specific determinants of your company’s success.


Our SAP solutions often leverage the following technological com­ponents

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SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration (as a central integration platform)

  • Application-to-application scenarios (integration of internal peripheral systems)

  • System-to-system scenarios (integration of external systems)

  • Cloud connector to SAP cloud solutions and other cloud applications

  • Comprehensive interface monitoring

  • BPM and BRM application for process automation based on SAP-specific and cross-system workflows

SAP NetWeaver Gateway and SAP Java Connector

  • Web integration of everything from individual functions to entire function blocks, including in web configuration and e-commerce

  • SAP Fiori for attractive, fully integrated standard applications for web and mobile

  • SAPUI5, HTML5, AngularJS and Ionic Framework for stunning, customised web and mobile applications



  • SAP applications developed and implemented directly on SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform applications

Java development

  • Design and implementation of custom web applications (rich Internet applications)

Whenever you want to take a considered step outside of the standard applications available, we’ll support you all the way from your first flip-chart session to the moment we hand over your ready-to-use custom solution. To secure your future plans to the greatest extent possible, you can also entrust the operation and mainten­ance of your solution to us.

Take the first step towards realising your vision by contacting Patrick Meier today. We look forward to meeting your needs!