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The scale and technical complexity of modern information systems are constantly on the rise. In the field of system operations, the range of services we provide reflects the significant requirements companies currently face. From temporary sandbox systems with special SAP solutions, conventional operational formats and private cloud arrangements to the decommissioning and storage of sys­tems, we’re responsible for keeping hundreds of configurations up and running every single day.  Our operational services include:

  • SAP remote systems management

  • SAP outsourcing (with type-I or -II ISAE 3402 inspection upon request)

  • SAP archiving in outsourcing arrangements

  • Decommissioning of systems no longer in use

  • Hosting of peripheral systems

  • Customer cloud solutions

  • Private cloud solutions

  • Temporary systems for testing, training and conceptual/project activities

With Innflow, your system operations will be more flexible, reliable and cost-effective than ever before. We also offer straightforward contracts that can be adjusted to changing conditions without ex­cessive legal paperwork. We currently hold the following certificati­ons:

  • SAP Certified in Hosting Operations

  • SAP Certified in SAP HANA Operations

  • SAP Certified in Cloud and Infrastructure Operations

Patrick Meier is standing by to go over the various operational con­figurations and forms of support we provide and offer clear, binding answers to your enquiries.