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Switchover to invoices with the QR pay-in slip

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Since the middle of last year, outgoing invoices can be created with the new QR pay-in slip. Now a final date of 30 September 2022 has been set for use of the old pay-in slips. For all invoice issuers, this means that they must convert their IS, ISR outgoing invoices to the new QR pay-in slip by this date.

The QR invoice was introduced on 30 June 2020 with an integrated QR pay-in slip with Swiss QR code. This was the beginning of a transition phase during which the traditional pay-in slips are gradually being replaced by the QR pay-in slip. PostFinance has set 30 September 2022 as the final date for use of the red (IS) and orange (ISR) pay-in slips.


Invoice issuers are requested to switch the traditional IS, ISR invoice and dunning forms to the new QR pay-in slips. There are a number of specifications regarding font, format, type of paper used, perforation, etc. which must be observed.


We at Innflow have been issuing our own invoices with the new QR pay-in slip since the middle of last year. We will be happy to assist you with creation of your forms, whether you are using Adobe Forms, Smart Forms or SAPscript. At the same time, we ensure processing of your incoming invoices and the new electronic bank statements.

Advantages for invoice issuers

  • Additional information for the invoice recipient

  • Simplified invoicing

  • Software kits, value-added services from banks and software companies

  • Use of white paper

  • Internal printing with standard label, inkjet or laser printers

  • Amount can be left empty

Advantages for invoice recipients

  • Easy entry using smartphone, reader or scanning platform

  • No manual input errors, saves time and money

  • Perforation & receipt slip: Pay at post office counter or by mail as usual

  • All the information contained in the Swiss QR code can be read digitally and by the human eye

The three versions of the QR pay-in slip

qr invoice

Would you like to know more? Felix Puhm will be happy to help you.