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Going live marks the start of the most important phase in the lifecycle of an SAP-centric information system: operational use and the constantly evolving maintenance effort that comes with it. The integration of processes, people and information continues to de­velop through the subsequent years based on the needs of the organisation in question. SAP solutions from Innflow will put you in a position to keep adding new chapters to your company’s success story. No other business software offers a comparable level of plan­ning reliability.


Meanwhile, Innflow Extended Competence Center ensures that you’ll be able to build up and retain as much knowledge as possible on the solutions you use within your organisation. We also offer a central service desk that serves as a reliable point of contact for all types of issues and support enquiries. When SAP releases updates and en­hancements, we assess their relevance and notify you regarding the new opportunities they provide.


In addition, we’ll review your SAP software maintenance contracts on a regular basis and help you structure your licences to consistently get the most out of your investment in accordance with the related legal guidelines.


Why not get in touch with us today? Felix Puhm will be happy to ex­plain how professional support from Innflow can fine-tune how you use your SAP solutions and optimise your total cost of ownership.