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Swiss Fintech company Yokoy Group AG takes over our expense management solution FlowExpense. Furthermore, we are entering into a strategic partnership with Yokoy. The acquisition of FlowExpense by Yokoy and the resulting strategic partnership between Innflow and Yokoy takes FlowExpense users to the next level of expense management automation.

We are looking forward to a great partnership.

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Offices will completely move to Rotkreuz (Canton Zug)

We have been headquartered in the first floor on Blegistrasse 1, 6343 Rotkreuz since December 2016. 

As at 1 October 2018, we will move into the third floor of the building at our new expanded and modernised space. Our Regensdorf offices will no longer be continued as a branch location and will now be completely closed.

That said, nothing will change with regard to our data centres in Rümlang and at Zurich Airport.

We look forward to your visit!

Innflow AG

Blegistrasse 1

6343 Rotkreuz


Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation

The EU GDPR has drastic consequences for Swiss companies.

Whether or not your company is active both nationally and internationally, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation affects, where it applies, a large number of areas and processes at companies. If your company lacks the expertise or personnel to implement compliance with the GDPR, the task may become unmanageable. 


The GDPR took effect in all EU member states as at 25 May 2018.

What this means: civil liability will become stricter, in particular with regard to processing order data. Stiff penalties will be introduced. Companies may be subject to fines of up to 4% of their annual global revenue and natural persons may be subject to fines of up to EUR 20 million.

As part of the SAP Forum 2017 in Basel, SAP’s Swiss subsidiary presented the 2017 SAP Quality Awards in gold, silver, and bronze. Taking home bronze in the category «Business Transformation»­was none other than «Lindt & Sprüngli», one of Innflow's own cust­omers.

In this year's SAP Quality Awards, Switzerland's Lindt & Sprüngli AG won bronze in the «Business Transformation» category for comple­tely overhauling its ERP environment – an effort that included fresh implementations of SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO). In doing so, the company managed to move a complex system land­scape that had grown over time to an orderly new foundation and update its process and reporting structures to its current situation. The jury also praised the highly organised methodology Lindt & Sprüngli followed for the project management.

The «Business Transformation» category is for major projects invol­ving more than 500 users, a duration of over six months, and more than 900 person-days of effort.

You can read the official announcement from SAP here.

SAP Quality Award 2017

In December 2016, Innflow AG started a new chapter in the history of the company. We’re expanding to two locations, moving our head­quarters to Rotkreuz (ZG), and welcoming three new board members who will be strengthening our management team with their pro­active, market-oriented support. In addition to enhancing Innflow’s expertise in process and application consulting, this will enable us to augment our portfolio with services that are specifically designed to aid our customers in evolving toward digital processes and business models.

Here’s our new address:

Innflow AG

Blegistrasse 1

CH-6343 Rotkreuz

Our Regensdorf offices will be continued as a branch location, while remaining the base for our SAP hosting and operations team. That said, nothing will change with regard to our data centres in Rümlang and at Zurich Airport.

We strongly believe that this expansion will support our ongoing effort to optimise the solutions and services we offer. If you’re in­terested in further details or a personal presentation of our compa­ny, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Verwaltungsrat Geschäftsleitung Innflow AG

At the SAP Forum 2016 in Basel, SAP’s Swiss branch presented the year’s SAP Quality Awards in gold, silver and bronze. Taking home the gold in the Business Transformation category was Innflow customer Insel Gruppe AG, the largest hospital organisation in Switzerland.

«Merging the Insel hospital with those run by Spital Netz Bern AG to form the country’s biggest hospital system was a major challenge from an IT perspective, as well. It involved integrating six hospitals and an elderly care facility into an ERP system that was replacing more than 30 previous installations. In particular, the jury praised Insel’s professional project management in a politically sensitive environment, as well as its strong focus on change management, communication and keeping its project team motivated. Insel’s main partner in carrying out this implementation was Innflow AG».


The Business Transformation category covers major projects involving more than 500 users, a duration of over six months and more than 900 person-days of effort. For the official announcement from SAP, please click here.