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Innflow customers and partners profit from our outstanding project culture. From our quotations, SAP licence contracts and implemen­tation concepts to planning and executing projects and going live with our solutions, our methods reflect the utmost in transparency, professionalism and reliability. We guarantee successful projects while pledging to make efficient use of your resources.


Whether it’s implementing small-scale plans, global SAP implemen­tation projects or special endeavours within public-sector organisa­tions, Innflow offers the right methodologies and templates.



SAP S/4HANA implementations for SMEs

Innflow’s iActivate methodology


Implementation of cloud solutions

Innflow’s iActivate methodology


Major projects and worldwide rollouts

Based on SAP Activate methodology


Projects in the public sector

Based on SAP Activate methodology, with HERMES controlling


Software development

Agile development using Scrum techniques



Innflow projects are conducted in accordance with SAP Active Qua­lity Management (AQM) standards. Here, SAP works directly with our programme and project leads on reviewing the quality and progress of individual endeavours. This results in efficiency, reliable planning and quality standards that leave nothing to chance.


Drop us a line today. Felix Puhm is standing by to offer so­me exciting new perspectives.