Patrick Meier
Pius Bensegger


Co-Managing Director, Senior Partner

For more than 22 years, Patrick Meier has been dealing with the commercial, technical and market policy developments that con­tinue to drive the world economy to evolve into new structural di­mensions. Besides spending over 18 of those years working in SAP-related fields, his efforts have focused on growing our company sin­ce co-founding Innflow AG in 2004.

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Director Finance, Senior Partner

Throughout his professional career, Pius Bensegger has one foot in IT and the other in accounting. As a result, the training and advan­cement activities he oversees include elements of both these areas. Pius has also been contributing to implementations, rollouts, tem­plate designs and enhancement, optimisation, and migration pro­jects for more than 27 years. Since 2016, his responsibilities have also included the financial direction of Innflow AG.

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Co-Managing Director, Senior Partner

Thomas Hottinger has spent over 27 years in the logistical and technological areas of IT. Having worked in SAP environments since 1998, he has run dozens of related projects as a senior consultant or project lead. As a co-founder of Innflow AG, Thomas has also di­rected the company’s consulting activities and advised many of his own clients since 2004.

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Thomas Hottinger
Vincenzo Cavallo


Director Digital Innovation, Senior Partner

Vincenzo Cavallo has been overseeing successful implementations of integrated business IT systems at organisations of varying size for more than 27 years. He has spent over 22 of those years focusing specifically on innovative SAP solutions companies use around the world. Here, Vincenzo is driven by a calling to identify the possibilities afforded by new digital solutions and leverage them to optimise the managerial and operational efforts of our customers.  His area of re­sponsibility at Innflow AG can thus be best described as «digital innovation».

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Director Operations 

René Knecht has been working in the IT industry for more than 15 years. Since 2010, he has been involved in the information technology engineering sector, where he has specialised primarily in high-availability solutions, as well as larger migrations and implementations for SMEs. He has also implemented numerous projects as an IT consultant, project manager or engineer. Since the end of 2018, he has actively expanded Innflow AG’s Service & Support division. As Director Operations, he is now responsible for the areas of Service & Support (including: IT Infrastructure, SAP Basis and Extended Competence Center), Corporate Office, Quality Management and Security.

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René Knecht