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Innflow’s SAP HANA information systems offer a level of develop­mental freedom that extends far beyond the primary functions of ERP. Here, we enable our customers to conduct streamlined ERP implementations and then gradually incorporate elements that are crucial to their success. 

Innflow makes it possible to implement state-of-the-art web and mobile scenarios, e-commerce and intel­ligent process automation solutions, which opens the door to smart data integration (and the Internet of Industrial Things). 


Meanwhile, rounding out your landscape with cloud applications for specific functional areas is a snap thanks to all of the ground-breaking possibili­ties afforded by the real-time platform SAP HANA.

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With our solutions, you’ll be able to effect process optimisations and organisational changes in both your home country and abroad with the necessary finesse. In doing so, you’ll manage your strategic and operational parameters centrally while retaining the local advan­tages of your respective locations. The versions we offer cover 61 countries and 39 languages, guaranteeing consistently smooth, au­dit-proof organisational structures around the world, flawless inter-company processes and one-of-a-kind parallel invoicing that com­plies with various reporting standards.


When designing your business information systems, put your trust in our comprehensive expertise. We’ll show you how the efficient integration of processes, people and information can benefit your organisation. Contact Patrick Meier today – he’ll be pleased to help you take the next step!