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Today’s Hydrel AG was sold by the Schaeffler Group to Wisi’on Holding at the end of 2016. This change meant that, as of May 1st, 2017, the existing SAP system and the IT infrastructure of the Schaeffler Group was no longer available.

The primary goal of Hydrel AG was, therefore, to launch a new ERP system on time and without any interruptions to production. Based on the existing requirements, the management decided to install SAP once again and commissioned Innflow with private cloud hosting and with the planning, implementation, and ongoing support of the new solution. 


Innflow’s project method, which can be flexibly adapted to fit medium-sized companies, is SAP-certified and guarantees smooth and reliable project implementation.


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Biosynth AG, a company headquartered in Staad (SG), Switzerland, was using the standard software SAP ERP ECC 6 EHP 7 to manage its business processes and provide administrative support. It was not yet utilising SAP NetWeaver Gateway or Web Dispatcher. 


Biosynth was, however, already using the SAP module for warehouse management (WM) to oversee its storing positions. It employed batches to manage all of its inventory, and all of the inventory in WM was mapped by means of handling units. This enabled the company to map its warehouse processes in a very precise and detailed manner. Tracking was possible at both the batch and individual handling unit level.


The processes at hand needed to be posted directly within Biosynth’s SAP system (through SAPGUI), which required a great deal of operational effort. The frequency of error and resulting support requirements were also considerable due to the highly complex processes and many steps involved in using handling units.


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Georg Fischer

GF comprises three divisions: GF Piping Systems, GF Automotive and GF Machining Solutions. Through its products and solutions, GF ful­fils several primary requirements in its markets, including efficient resource management, energy conservation and miniaturisation.

Not long ago, its production facilities in Seewis (Switzerland) were running a custom ERP system that involved a locally developed warehouse management component and various peripheral sys­tems. GF then commissioned Innflow to help replace its warehouse system with the SAP modules PP and WM. The resulting implemen­tation was carried out in close coordination with the SAP compe­tence centre at GF Piping Systems based on the detailed requi­rements of its key users. Thanks to a mobile solution that makes it possible to process incoming and outgoing flows of warehouse goods and operate conveyor vehicles, GF’s employees can now go about their work with greater autonomy.

To enable the company’s assembly and warehouse personnel to handle orders on their own, Innflow took advantage of its extensive internal expertise and outstanding knowledge of the processes at hand in devising a highly integrated application.


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Landis + Gyr

For more than a century, Landis+Gyr has been developing technolo­gies that facilitate improved energy management. Its meters and energy management solutions enable utility companies and end consumers all around the world to optimise their energy efficiency, reduce their energy costs and make more sustainable use of related resources.

Before launching its «Optimus» endeavour, Landis+Gyr was already using the SAP module PS (Project Systems) to carry out its proj­ects.  In particular, its component reservation and delivery processes were mapped within the module. What PS failed to cover, however, was Landis+Gyr’s services in project planning and management, as well as in engineering. One of the main challenges thus lay in ensuring the high level of detail required in the company’s work packages and mapping task management in an integrated solution without sacrificing the application’s usability.

Here, Innflow succeeded in fulfilling the significant project manage­ment requirements at hand while making sure that the solution would be just as user-friendly as before.


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Kantonspolizei Zürich

Kantonspolizei Zürich is the police department responsible for handling criminal, security and traffic-related affairs in and around Switzerland’s largest city. In performing these duties, its officers up­hold the fundamental principles of the country’s laws with convic­tion, tact and consideration for the circumstances at hand.

Within its cantonal administration, Zürich’s financial managers handle tasks across a number of areas, such as in overseeing oper­ative accounting and performing various controlling functions. In an implementation of SAP’s Material Management module, a purcha­sing organisation, two plants and several new storage locations are being added to the canton’s organisational structure.


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Privera considers itself a one-stop shop for services related to real estate management, administration, agency business and sales. Treos, meanwhile, is specialised in integrated facility management services that cover the entire useful life of properties.  These two or­ganisations work together to take advantage of various synergies and pass the resulting value on to their customers. With profes­sional and innovative support from Innflow, Privera and Treos succeeded in implementing a standardised, forward-thinking SAP solution that fully covers both companies’ requirements. 


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Alu Menziken

Alu Menziken Group serves select segments of industry with com­plex extrusion machines that meet even the most rigorous require­ments. Its UAC Alu Menziken Aerospace division is a leading manu­facturer of aerofoils, components and assemblies for the aerospace industry. Alu Menziken’s customers rely on its first-rate products and guaranteed standards of service. 


In cooperation with Innflow, the group replaced its patchwork sys­tem landscape with a cutting-edge, 360-degree enterprise service platform based on SAP ERP 6.0.



Sika’s core areas of expertise – sealing, bonding, damping, rein­forcing and protecting load-bearing structures – support a broad range of scenarios in construction and other indus­tries, including per­sonal and commercial vehicles, ships and all other types of ma­chines.


Some time ago, the company began pursuing a successful expansionary strategy. Innflow has long supported this effort by as­sisting with the planning and execution of several complex M&A integration projects



Dietiker Switzerland designs, produces and sells chairs and tables that tick all the boxes when it comes to comfort. It has concentrated its manufacturing operations in Switzerland due to various factors that help promote innovation, reliability, master craftsmanship and timely deliveries. Dietiker uses ecological methods to combine tra­ditional, high-quality woodworking with innovative technologies and new materials.


For years, Innflow has been supporting the company in making the best possible management decisions and aligning its IT processes to future requirements. In doing so, we put the focus squarely on efficiency and technical expertise.


Would you like to learn more? We’ll be happy to show you how Innflow Extended CC, our SAP systems management services, and our hosted GTS IT solutions are helping Dietiker lower its operating costs.